Trump Makes Conspiracy Claim About 'Fake Melania' Conspiracy Theory

Cheryl Sanders
March 14, 2019

US first lady Melania Trump greets residents March 8, 2019 in Opelika, Alabama, during a tour with US President Donald Trump of tornado-damaged areas in the southern US state.

First lady Melania Trump fired back at the women of "The View" through her spokesperson on Wednesday after they pushed a weird conspiracy theory about a body double.

President Donald Trump tours a tornado-affected area

The weird theory, which has cropped up repeatedly throughout Trump's term in office, suggests that a body double for Melania accompanies the USA president at certain events, most recently a visit to survivors of a tornado in Alabama.

Days later, Trump leapt on the story, which is an outlier even by the feverish standards of the Washington rumor mill.

Trump tweeted Wednesday decrying a fourth estate which, he argues, is "getting more deranged with time!". "Yesterday's show went beyond the petty, mean-girl spirit that we've grown accustomed to". Trump was referring to President John F. Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who often was referred to as "Jackie O" after she remarried following Kennedy's assassination.

"This is an excuse to be able to mock her, to say she looks short, her face is a different shape - classic mean-girl environment", Bruce said, adding that the first lady probably looked different because she was "sad", given the setting. "Sorry", Behar said of one photo.

What's unclear in the president's tweet is what he meant by the media photoshopping images of the First Lady.

Grisham also condemned "The View" segment on Twitter.

The president reflected in the interview on his trip with the first lady to Alabama to visit victims and pay respects to the 23 who died in the tornado.

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