PS4 Remote Play Android expansion requested after iOS update

Yolanda Curtis
March 8, 2019

As mentioned, both devices must be on the same network connection for the system to work, so playing your favorite PS4 game while on the commute to work is something you're going to have to do without for now. The app will use your device's virtual keyboard for text and built-in mic for voice chatting. You will notice that touch screen controller pops on the device and the dualshock controller turning off.

What does the PS4 Remote Play for iOS do?

PS4 Remote Play iOS Screenshot
How PS4 Remote Play app for iOS looks in action

With the apps, users can access their PS4 over Wi-Fi with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.1 or later.

Console owners should also allow Remote Play to start when PS4 is in Rest Mode and to double check that their PS4 is the primary console.

- You can now enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices.

Update Your PlayStation 4 - in order to use Remote Play, you will need to download the latest PS4 6.50 update. But not anymore; more than four years after its initial debut, Remote Play has finally graced iOS.

Here are the full PlayStation 4 firmware 6.50 patch notes. Not officially, anyway. You'll have to make do with on-screen controls unless you have an iOS-compatible controller, but they'll probably be good enough to get you through RPGs or other games that aren't too action heavy and don't use motion controls. The only thing really missing at this time is support for the DualShock controller, which Sony's own Xperia phone device supports natively.

That's the biggest new addition, though there are a couple of other interesting changes for players in certain regions.

- You can now change the button assignment to perform “Enter” operations from the Circle button to the X button. Select (Settings) [System], and then select the checkbox for [Use X Button for Enter].

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