Pokemon Go studio reveals Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Yolanda Curtis
March 12, 2019

The developer - and Warner - will be hoping for similar success with Wizards Unite, which is based on another childhood favourite of the millennial generation.

The forthcoming Harry Potter app for iOS and Android, Wizards Unite, has finally revealed a proper look at the Pokemon Go-style game. Confoundable magic may try to throw people off, requiring people to keep their Spell Energy high and use Spells to break through and find Foundables like artefacts, magical creatures, memories from the Harry Potter series, and recognizable characters.

According to a report from Eurogamer, the player can choose from one of three classes: Magizoologist, Professor, and Auror. In short, everything important to the wizarding world has been scattered, and-in accordance with the International Statute of Secrecy, a law created to protect the wizarding world from Muggles-you are recruited to the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to keep the secrets of magic contained. More than not, these areas will be public places such as municipal buildings, banks, zoos, museums, monuments, and more. You will then have to cast spells, secure the Foundable, and return it to whence it came, recording it in your Registry. But where Pokemon Go is largely about collecting, Wizards Unite is focused on immersing you in its world, from a voice-acted story to involved RPG-like skill trees. Said ingredients will be dependent on several real world factors, including the weather, time of day and environment. Greenhouses - a staple of Herbology, a botanical field in the Wizarding World that yields helpful potion ingredients - are likely to crop up along the way, too. These nifty transportation tools will whisk you off to iconic places from the books and films.

Players will also be able to work together by taking on Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses that dot the in-game map. "These real-time multiplayer battles against unsafe foes encourage players to join forces with fellow witches and wizards to take on higher level threats and unlock rare magical rewards". Friends can team up in Fortresses to take on major threats and search for incredibly rare Foundables. But whether this makes Wizards Unite the kind of game you open up every time you walk somewhere-to the point that you walk more so you can play-remains to be seen.

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