New Opera Mobile Browser Could Infuriate Malicious Hackers With Latest Update

Yolanda Curtis
March 22, 2019

Opera is releasing a new version of its Android browser, version 51, which will be offering a built-in free to use, unlimited virtual private network aka VPN service.

Opera for Android is available from the Play Store now for Android KitKat and above.

By enabling Opera's browser VPN service, users make it very hard for third parties to steal pieces of their information and can avoid being tracked.

With any VPN, users can get control of their online privacy and can browse the internet more securely, particularly when connecting to public Wi-Fi or hotspot networks. The company has provided VPN functionality on its desktop browser for years, and has been testing it in beta builds for mobile users since February. With the VPN service now integrated on its mobile browser, a dedicated app seems redundant.

According to Opera, the free service will not log web traffic, meaning no activity data will be logged and retained by the browser. With Opera they can now enjoy a free and no-log service that enhances online privacy and improves security.

The VPN is encrypted using 256-bit (banking grade) encryption and doesn't keep any logs of your activity, making it ideal for use in public hotspots, or if you're in a country that doesn't take too kindly to those sites we know you like.

The VPN will allow users to connect to three broad geographic locations namely, Asia, Europe, and America.

The Crypto Wallet uses Android's secure system lock, which is meant to make transactions on the blockchain easier, as no additional PIN codes or passwords are required. Tap on the settings of the browser and then enable VPN. Additionally, one can choose to automatically activate the VPN only when a private tab is opened.

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