N. Korea to limit number of foreign visitors starting next week

Cheryl Sanders
March 14, 2019

Other reports suggest that ongoing enrichment activities by the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have added to Pyongyang's nuclear weapons arsenal over the past year.

"It's a very early report", Trump said. In 2014, state media said it was 99.97%.

Biegun said that at last month's Hanoi summit, Trump rejected Kim's offer to eliminate a portion of his nuclear program in exchange for lifting "basically all" of the worldwide sanctions.

February's summit in Hanoi broke up early when the two leaders failed to agree on United States demands for Mr Kim to give up his nuclear weapons and North Korea's call for sanctions to be lifted. The images appear to show a rapid rebuilding at the country's main site for long-range satellite launches and missile-engine testing.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton, who was with Trump in Hanoi, said on March 11 that Washington demanded the elimination of chemical and biological weapons and the North Korean ballistic missile program at the summit, in addition to the dismantling of atomic assets.

According to the United Nations report, North Korea has found plenty of workarounds.

The number of foreign visitors to North Korea peaked around July and August past year, with about 1,800 daily visitors on average, it said. The resolution said revenue from the exports was being used to finance Pyongyang's weapons programs, not to provide food or medical care to over half of North Korea's population in need of assistance. Bolton is also actively making comments regarding the North Korea issue these days. "It's already decided - to impose further caps" if there are new launches or tests.

"We've seen a lot in North Korea", he said. "Mystifying the revolutionary activities and appearance of the leader causes the truth to be hidden", he said.

"We see exactly what they're doing", he said.

Referring to an anti-democratic law that was abolished in 1988, Lee said Na should be referred to the parliament's ethics committee.

The full report said "the Yongbyon nuclear complex remained active", noting that satellite imagery through November showed excavation of water channels and construction of a new building near the reactors' water discharge facilities. "I don't want to get into speculation as to what they're doing".

He cited the North Korean ship Wise Honest, which was seized by Indonesia off its coast in April 2018 with a coal shipment worth about $3 million that was to be transferred to another ship.

Ken Gause, director of the International Affairs Group at the Center for Naval Analyses, said North Korea is most likely to turn to South Korea for concessions and look to resume inter-Korean projects, such as the Kaesong Industrial Complex and Mount Kumgang tourism, which South Korea has been planning to discuss with the US prior to beginning preparatory work because of potential sanctions violations.

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