Google says cheerio to Allo messenger today

Yolanda Curtis
March 13, 2019

Google Allo was unveiled back in 2016 alongside Duo but never really took off.

Allo was the world's introduction to Google Assistant, and it seems that while the Assistant was destined for (far) greater things, Allo itself flew too close to the flame, and today that flame is extinguished.

"You'll now be able to delete your conversation history of 1:1 direct messages in Hangouts Chat". To do so, you must have the latest version of Allo.

Your messages will be in a CSV file. After opening the Allo app, head over to Menu and then tap on Settings.

Export stored media from chats: This includes photos, videos, and other files.

"Export media" lets you drag down all your photos, videos and other data.

Your media attachments will be in a zip file.

If you've been using Allo for your business chats then you may have a legal obligation to retain a record of your Allo conversations.

The search giant has also noted on its support page that after Allo is shut down, it will delete all your Allo messages, including incognito messages.

If you'd like to backup your messages and files for later use instead of (or in addition to) downloading them, you can do so pretty easily. The backups will continue to remain in your Google Drive or iCloud accounts but will not be readable, and they will need to be manually deleted by the consumers. If you go to Allo's website Tuesday, you'll see a banner across the top saying goodbye. At the end of 2018, Google confirmed Allo would shut down after it failed to gain traction.

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