Gambino Crime Family Boss Frank Cali Murdered Outside Staten Island Home

Cheryl Sanders
March 16, 2019

According to local media in NY, he took the helm of the Gambino family in 2015, replacing Domenico Cefalu.

A man with reported ties to organized crime has been shot and killed in New York City.

The 53-year-old reportedly ascended to the top spot in the gang in 2015, taking over from Domenico Cefalu.

Gambino Crime Family Boss Frank Cali Murdered Outside Staten Island Home

He died in prison in 2002, leaving a notorious legacy that cemented New York's place in mob lore. They also ran over him with a truck in what the New York Daily News called "a gory hit".

Weiss explains that the younger Gotti and Cali had often clashed 30 years ago, and upon his return, reignited their feud.

Cali was the boss of the Gambino crime family - one of five in the city operating as Italian-American mafia.

USA media reported the 53-year-old's death marked the first murder of a NY mob boss in 34 years, since the death of Paul Castellano - another Gambino family boss - by order of John Gotti. Gotti then took control of the family.

Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said police are reviewing surveillance footage that captured the events surrounding Frank Cali's death yesterday in Staten Island.

Cali reportedly became the Gambino godfather in 2015 and is said to have brought a new crop of Italians to NY straight from Sicily.

Cali had been considered a unifying figure in the years after then-Gambino boss John Gotti, "Dapper Don", was convicted of murder and racketeering in 1992 and sent to prison for life, CNN affiliate WPIX reported.

Last October, 71-year-old Sylvester Zottola, a reputed associate of the Bonanno organisation, was shot dead at a takeaway restaurant in the Bronx, New York. Rudy Giuliani, then US attorney for the Southern District of NY and now President Donald Trump's personal attorney, was handling the prosecution.

Cali himself was jailed for 16 months for his connection to an extortion scheme surrounding an attempt to build a NASCAR track on Staten Island.

He says with Cali's killing, he does expect to see more violence in the future, but he doesn't believe there's a target on Gene's back.

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