Fisker Reveals Unnamed $40000 Electric Crossover to Rival Tesla Model Y

Andrew Cummings
March 19, 2019

Today we have our very first look at his latest creation-an all-electric SUV with a standard range near 300-miles that will be priced below $40,000 when it rolls out in the second half of 2021.

He tweeted the news about the EV SUV on Monday after teasing about it over the weekend.

Designer Henrik Fisker says the goal with the exterior styling was muscular-meets-elegant, a dramatic aesthetic that would stir emotions. There'll be four-wheel drive available, for instance, using one electric motor at the front and one at the rear, just like the Model Y Dual Motor AWD.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the unveil of the Tesla Model Y, the seven-seat all-electric SUV with a claimed 480km range.

Confirmed styling details include a front-mounted radar in place of a grille, a large front air intake, flared wheel arches and a futuristic headlight design.

It's not yet confirmed where the new model will be produced, but Fisker said prototype testing will begin before the end of this year. Like Tesla, Fisker will sell directly to consumers without dealers. Fisker Inc is now finalising the selection of a facility, located in the U.S., to produce the all-electric SUV. Fisker boasts that the vehicle will have a "unique", yet intuitive interface, which hints that its crossover could go against the modern trend of ever-expanding, increasingly ugly infotainment screens. It's supposed to be the first of three "affordable" electric vehicles coming from the auto maker.

Much in the way that Tesla has attempted to make its EVs more accessible to the mainstream, with the Model 3 and upcoming Model Y, so Fisker has ambitions for a broader audience.

After the SUV's debut, you can expect Fisker to launch its top-of-the-line flagship luxury sedan, the EMotion, which will preview the company's Fisker solid-state battery technology. Power will be supplied by a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of approximately 80 kWh.

The company hopes to eventually have three different vehicles on the market.

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