Far-Left Sen. Gillibrand Formally Joins Democratic Race for President

Cheryl Sanders
March 18, 2019

Two months after Sen.

Kirsten Gillibrand formally launched her presidential bid on Sunday morning, announcing she will deliver her first major speech next week - in front of Trump International Hotel in New York City.

The "Brave Wins" video pits Gillibrand against President Donald Trump, at one point directly juxtaposing a hat with the word "Equality" embroidered on it to the Trump campaign's "Make America Great Again" cap. Fearless doesn't pit people against one another.

A former Gillibrand aide resigned after accusing her office in a letter last August of mishandling her complaint of harassment by Abbas Malik, a special assistant to the senator, Politico reported. "That's what fear does".

On Sunday, she officially launched her run with a video posted online and plans for a one-week, multi-state tour culminating in the March 24 speech.

"Go Kirsten go! I'm so proud of you", Connie Britton said. But what was jarring to anyone who cares even a little big about logic was this little non sequitur: "If we could land on the moon", then we can definitely achieve "universal coverage" and "paid family leave" and "end gun violence" and "pass a Green New Deal".

"None of this is impossible", Gillibrand says in the video.

This coming week she plans to campaign in Michigan, Iowa and Nevada, leading up to her NY kickoff.

But she has distinguished herself in key ways, raising her national profile by sponsoring - and mounting a three-year campaign for - a bill that would revamp how sexual assaults in the military are prosecuted by removing them from the chain of command.

"I have a bipartisan bill with almost every Republican member of the Senate", she said on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in January after announcing the formation of her exploratory committee.

"Her announcement comes one day after Gillibrand wrapped up her third trip this year to New Hampshire, which holds the first primary in the race for the White House".

Her past conservative record on immigration, guns, and gay marriage is also being scrutinized by the left and attacked by Republicans who seek to paint her as a flip flopper. She remains at 1% in most public opinion polls. And the list could get longer after Joe Biden hinted that he may actually run.

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