Englishwoman found dead near Guatemala's Lake Atitlan

Cheryl Sanders
March 13, 2019

The area is wooded and uninhabited, and the body was found among brush without clothes and in a state of decomposition.

Last night, Mr Shaw was flying out to help with the operation to find her. Police in San Pedro, near Lake Atitlan, a four-hour drive from the capital Guatemala City, have set up searches aided by volunteers in the area, which is a favourite with backpackers.

We know that Catherine had been fasting for the days leading to her disappearance and that she had been disposing of possessions, including clothing.

In a statement released through the Lucie Blackman Trust - which supports British nationals in crisis overseas - her parents have expressed their fears for Catherine's wellbeing.

Tarquin Shaw father of late English tourist Catherine Shaw visits the hotel May Achik where his daughter stayed in San Juan La Laguna Guatemala Tuesday

Catherine, from Witney, Oxfordshire, has been travelling since September past year and was reported missing on March 5.

According to The Telegraph, she was last seen leaving the Eco Hotel in Mayachik, shortly before 5.30am on Tuesday, carrying a stray puppy.

Ms Shaw had been travelling in the central American country for two weeks with a friend.

It added: "Formal identification has not taken place but the body is believed to be Catherine".

Calls to the family home, where Catherine's mother Anne and sister Jenny live, were referred to the Lucie Blackman Trust.

She then left again for the last time at 5.23am, heading in the direction of the lake.

Family and friends searching for Shaw said she left the hotel with a puppy that was later located at the peak of Indian Nose trail, which is frequented by hikers.

Her father, who has travelled to Guatemala to join the search, also issued a heartbreaking statement, saying: "Your friends, your family are all really anxious about you". "Please come home, sweetheart".

Ms Shaw has been travelling since September and has been to Mexico and California.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: "We are supporting the family of a British woman and are in contact with the local authorities as they search for her".

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