Chrome 73 with new Dark Mode now available to all

Yolanda Curtis
March 14, 2019

Google Chrome's Data Saver feature helps load pages faster when there is low network connectivity on Android devices.

Sure, you could download "dark mode" themes from the Chrome store before, Chrome's native dark mode features the design sensibilities one would expect from Google.

Light mode
Image Mashable screenshot Dark

MacBook users who prefer Google's Chrome browser over Safari can now browse in dark mode. Other than that, though, Chrome Lite Pages work in the same way. If you don't enable the system-wide dark mode in macOS Mojave, you won't be able to enjoy the dark mode in Google Chrome as well.

In Appearance, select the "Dark" theme.

Chrome will automatically transition to Dark Mode.

Apart from the Dark Mode, Google Chrome's latest version also brings several features and improvements, including changes to syncing and account sign-in and Auto Picture-in-Picture. The update also integrates early versions of a Skip Ad feature for PIP videos and the ability to quickly jump back to the video's tab or app.

Click on About Google Chrome. Chrome on Android will now show the "Lite" text in the URL bar for HTTP as well as HTTPS webpages to let users know when a webpage's optimised version is being displayed. Fortunately, Chrome 73 has no such issues; you can visit sites like Facebook, Twitter and others and each webpage will still appear in a complete dark mode. Users get enhanced spell check, a new option for "safe browsing extended reporting".

While Chrome 73's initial launch only covers the desktop versions of the browser, Android users can look forward to new, clearer download progress notifications when saving files in the mobile browser. The rollout of Chrome 73 is staged and will soon reach users on the aforementioned platforms.

Making matters more confusing, some have reported that dark mode turns on when battery savings features are activated.

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