Why Elon Musk's Tesla Mannequin Y Might Dominate SUV Market

Andrew Cummings
February 13, 2019

As Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk noted in May 2018, the EV maker has planned the Model 3 in such a way as to minimise disruption to its assembly lines when switching to RHD production.

In addition to keeping the right temperature from your pet, if you set your Tesla Model S ( or another one) on Dog Mode, it will also let any passers-by know that the pet inside the vehicle is safe.

Vandals or thieves will be discouraged from applying their tactics on Tesla Model cars, the ones that do qualify to receive the update.

The referral program that ended at the beginning of February gave new buyers six months of free charging and prizes for existing owners such as launching personal photos into deep space or invites to a Tesla event. For the Model 3 Performance edition, you'll need to splash out 64 300 euros (ecological bonus deducted).

As Tesla gears up to expand into Europe and China, investors and analysts are now focused on the demand trends experienced by the company in all of its markets.

The users of Tesla cars such as Model S and other will be ensured by the Sentry mode update feature that their vehicle will not become a victim to vandalism.

Yet despite the shaky numbers and a lackluster outlook, some say the company is on the right path.

Musk was no longer in Norway on February 11, the spokesman said. This year is going to be all about who would buy those cars. A Tesla spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Musk's comments. The end of the year rush to push the mainstream entry out the door before the $7,500 tax credit dropped to $3,750 resulted in the company's stock of pricey Model 3s to be drained. Since Tesla is planning to compete with that, the new Tesla Model Y may also be an affordable SUV with the signature touch of Tesla's electric-powered and self-driving technology. Despite recent price reductions, at the moment prices of the Model 3 in the United States and Canada lie at around 40,000 dollars.

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