Titanfall 3 is Not in Development Says Respawn

Yolanda Curtis
February 5, 2019

At any rate, the success of EA's launch could simply go to show the enormous popularity of battle royale games these days, and perhaps also reflects positively on the Titanfall universe - in which Apex Legends is set - to some extent. This kind of resurrection isn't typical in a battle royale game, so the mechanic should offer a fresh gameplay element. On top of voice chat support, Apex Legends also has a helpful array of "hotkey" commands that allow players to quickly tell their allies where they are, where an enemy is, or where they saw a gun.

In a departure to its competitors, Apex Legends pits twenty squads of three against each other, bringing the total player pool to just sixty.

Apex Legends Solos and Duos

The grand reveal's due on the new Apex Legends Twitch channel at 8am PST/ 3PM UK time today, and there's an Apex Legends Twitter account to keep tabs on too.

"Our goal in every game you play is that you come in with a plan but you leave with a story", said Drew McCoy, Lead Producer for Apex Legends. There's no pay-to-win scheme here, but cosmetics are unlocked in lootbox form via Apex Packs. Currently, eight of these characters are available out of which two are locked and can be purchased with in-game currency.

Characters in Apex Legends also have special traits. If you want to take your chances with loot boxes (dubbed "Apex Packs"), there's a chance you'll either pay a lot more or a lot less to find Legendary items. Welcome to the next evolution of Battle Royale.

-Use your abilities-and your wits-to make strategic calls on-the-fly, adapting your crew's strengths to meet new challenges as the match evolves.

Since then, the battle royale community has been talking about the genre's newest title all the way up and through its announcement stream, which included this cinematic reveal trailer.

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