Sentencing for serial killer

Cheryl Sanders
February 8, 2019

Those factors, he said, likely played a direct role in their undetected disappearances and deaths. "Some lacked stable housing". He was supposed to fly home in September, 2015, after he lost his refugee bid in April 2015.

Cantlon said police moved in when they realised McArthur had someone over. Lisowick was photographed unconscious on McArthur's bed. Inside, the floor was covered with a plastic sheet and a fur coat.

The Crown argued for the eight sentences to be served over two consecutive terms, meaning McArthur would not be able to apply for parole until he had spent 50 years in prison - at which point he would be 116 years old.

He pleaded guilty on January 29 to eight counts of first-degree murder.

The Globe has previously reported that in 2016, Mr. McArthur was interviewed by police after a man said Mr. McArthur choked him during sex.

Harper argued that Canada's justice system has never encountered a murderer like McArthur - a "sexual predator", Harper said, who in intimate moments took advantage of vulnerable individuals and breached the trust of people he knew, such as Kayhan, Kinsman and Mahmudi, in order to kill them out of no other motive than self-gratification.

Most of McArthur's victims shared similar physical appearances, sporting facial hair or a beard and six were immigrants of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent.

Many of their remains were found buried in potted planters of a home he worked on as a landscaper or buried in a ravine next to the property.

During the first day of a sentence hearing on Monday (February 4), the prosecutor told the court how McArthur, 67, took pictures of some of the eight victims after strangling them to death. Pleasant Cemetery. He also kept mementos like jewelry and other personal items that belonged to the men.

Photographic evidence shows his victims were restrained and sexually assaulted, said Cantlon.

McArthur also was convicted of assault 2003 after he hit a man on the head with a metal bar, but in 2013 he obtained a record suspension from the Parole Board of Canada.

When Bruce McArthur chose to kill, he looked to the margins of society to find his prey.

He also said police found a naked man handcuffed to the bed when they raided McArthur's home and arrested him on January 18 a year ago. "Gauthier contributed to the identification of Bruce McArthur as a serial killer, did not detract from Project Prism", the name given to the investigation, Gridin said outside the hearing. Investigators found Kinsman's calendar with an entry titled "Bruce"' dated June 26, 2017 - the day he disappeared.

That clue plus McArthur's distinctive van provided Det.

Senior Resettlement Officer Michael Casasola said many of those identifying as LGBTQ are fleeing high levels of persecution and harassment, adding the organization frequently "prioritizes" such cases for resettlement in a country that offers stronger protections.

The force's professional standards unit launched an internal investigation related to the McArthur case in March 2018. One photo depicted a naked Kinsman with a choking device wrapped around his neck plus other photos. McArthur had known most of his victims for years. McArthur and John had been intimate on several occasions before January 18, 2018.

McArthur declined the opportunity to speak in court on Tuesday, saying only to McMahon at the end of Miglin's remarks that, "I've spoken with my counsel and I don't want to say anything".

Court heard that John told McArthur: "It was a secret and nobody knew".

Toronto Police swooped in and busted McArthur as soon as he answered the door. Chillingly, his computer contained folders with images of the eight men he ultimately confessed to killing.

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