Respawn banned over 16000 cheaters in Apex Legends

Yolanda Curtis
February 19, 2019

But thankfully, developers Respawn Entertainment looks to be vigilant, despite the game's limited tools to combat improper play.

There's good news on that front, though, as Respawn community manager Jay Frechette suggests in that very same Reddit post that such a feature is on the way. It's a clunky way to report others, and it probably doesn't catch as many cheaters as an in-game reporting function would. At the same time, other gamers are also encouraged to report cheaters as are encountered, even if they are unable to get evidence like screenshots. We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game.

With multiple dataminers pulling these names out, it seems like a safe bet that they're coming - though as always, you should take leaks with caution.

Respawn has already identified and banned over 16,000 cheaters from its battle royale shooter Apex Legends. The fast-paced action and sleek movement with character abilities and the added fact that the game is free to play has helped it gain enormous popularity among other battle royale games. They remind players to remain vigilant about reporting cheaters even if you don't have direct proof, so they can investigate (which will no doubt spawn "this guy cheats because he's good" reports: classic). Not only the game has more than 25 Million players in nearly 2 weeks but it is also slaughtering other games on Twitch in terms of viewership even trampling Fortnite who ruled the platform for more than 12 months.

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