Pot head goes to abandoned home to smoke weed - finds overweight TIGER

Cheryl Sanders
February 12, 2019

They were in the house to smoke marijuana - but this was no drug trip.

Animal control officers went to investigate after receiving an anonymous 311 call from someone who said they'd seen a tiger, said Lara Cottingham, chief of staff of Houston's Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department.

Although the tiger, which appeared to be well fed, was cooperative, it was tranquilized for the trip across town to the BARC campus, which is mostly used for dogs, cats and occasional farm animals, Cottingham said. It is now on its way to an undisclosed animal sanctuary while officers try to find its owner.

Houston police are conducting an investigation into who may own the tiger.

Some tigers are smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico, and there are small pockets of breeding facilities across the country. Cottingham said the tiger, which she's calling Danielle, seemed fairly healthy, albeit a bit thirsty.

A few packages of meat had been kept nearby, but there was otherwise no sign that anyone lived in the house. "They can be extremely risky".

News of the tiger has created quite a buzz on social media, and reactions have even been curated into their own Twitter Moment titled "Overweight tiger found in abandoned United States home".

The Houston Zoo said it will not be able to take the tiger. "Malayan tigers surviving on the Malay Peninsula are critically endangered with an estimated population of 300 remaining in the wild".

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