Newborn baby discovered lying on road in near-freezing temperatures

Cheryl Sanders
February 13, 2019

A newspaper carrier came across an abandoned newborn Monday morning in the middle of a Madera road.

The California Highway Patrol's Alfred Medina holds the infant girl who was found in the town of Madera Ranchos.

The baby was wearing a wet and soiled one-piece jumpsuit, according to witnesses, but appeared to be healthy and had apparently not been out in the near-freezing temperatures for too long.

Fuentes described the "awful, chilling, moment" he was approaching a customer's house in his auto and saw something white moving in the road, which he initially thought was an animal.

"I see a bright white thing laying on the road".

"It could've been worse because out its pitch black it's pitch black there could've been coyotes there's cars going by fast down that road", Fuentes Jr. told ABC30.

'As soon as I got out of the vehicle, I realized it was a could tell it had been there for a while because feces was leaking through the onesie, ' he said. I saw a face.

The baby was taken to a neonatal intensive care unit at Valley Children's Hospital.

A Madera County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said: "It's very fortunate that the child was discovered by the newspaper delivery person before she was seriously injured or even possibly killed". Authorities are now investigating the identity and whereabouts of the mother.

A suspect allegedly approached a man as he walked down the highway and asked him to take her child.

Officers arrived minutes later to find the baby.

"He was approached by a female driving a white, smaller SUV".

The woman asked the man if he could take her child, deputies said.

The man advised her to go to the children's hospital or the fire station before she drove away, Pogue said.

Following a rise in newborn infants being abandoned in inappropriate locations, California introduced a Safe Surrendered Baby program in 2001, which was brought into law in 2006.

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