Enjoy biggest-brightest Snowmoon after 8.30 p.m.

Pablo Tucker
February 21, 2019

Some people who have already got their eyes on the Super Snow Moon 2019 have shared pictures of the same on social media.

Keen stargazers across Australia are getting ready for a glimpse of the biggest and brightest full moon of the year when it lights up the sky on Tuesday night. The moon is also going to be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

The phenomenon occurs when a full moon, on its oval-shaped orbit, is at its closest point to Earth.

As we mentioned earlier, Super Moon is a term used to describe a full moon that happens when Moon is closed or near its closet to Earth.

Supermoon brightens sky on Lantern Festival: Visitors to Bedok Jetty yesterday evening were in for a special treat when a supermoon - said to be the biggest and brightest of the year - appeared in the sky.

And if you miss this one, there will be another supermoon on March 19 - the last of three supermoons visible at the start of this year. While this will be smaller than the one last night, it will be significantly larger than the smallest full moon of the year, said the spokesman.

On that occasion, the moon took on a reddish hue which was caused by a lunar eclipse - when the earth passes between the Moon and Sun, casting a shadow across the lunar surface.

Tonight the full moon will be the closest to Earth - the closest it will be during its full phase until Christmas Eve of December 2026. Any bro who says that they saw a significantly bigger and lovely moon is lying.

The Moon looked red because of sunlight scattering off the Earth's atmosphere.

February's "super snow moon" will occur just six hours after a perigee distance of 221,681 miles, according to NASA.

"Yes, maybe it's not as super as you might have imagined but in my mind, it gets people thinking about the moon and looking at it", Dr Tucker said. The snowfall averages for the Washington DC area for January and February are almost tied as the snowiest months of the year. So the moon isn't actually further away when it's right above you, but it will definitely look a lot more like a super moon if you can pull out your phone to snap a pic just as it's rising into the sky.

"The moon will begin its rise in the east around sunset at 5.22pm, be at its highest point towards south around midnight, and then will make its descent in the west around sunrise at 7.05am".

In January, the full moon is also sometimes known as the wolf moon or great spirit moon.

Top Image: Supermoon behind the quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin; published onSeptember 28, 2015.

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