Emiliano Sala - Nantes demanding first instalment of transfer fee

Ross Houston
February 6, 2019

French soccer club Nantes are demanding payment from Cardiff over the transfer of Emiliano Sala, according to reports. Mark McKay was acting on behalf of Nantes so will demand payment from the French club.

According to the source, the first instalment of the 17-million-euro ($19.3 million) deal for the Argentine striker has yet to be paid, despite the transfer being finalised.

On board with pilot David Ibbotson, Sala's plane went missing over the English Channel on his way to Cariff and debris from the aircraft is now being recovered.

The wreckage was discovered on Sunday.

Although Nantes were entitled to the first slice of Sala's £15m fee by now, there is a sense of disbelief at Cardiff given the circumstances and the timing.

Cardiff will honour the deal but not until they have clarified "all the facts". They then followed up that message five days later with a more direct demand that referenced possible legal action.

After a prolonged search, wreckage from Sala's plane was spotted last weekend and the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) have undertaken an investigation into the cause of the crash, as well as examining the logistics involved in raising the aircraft from its position 67m beneath the surface.

The transfer fee is reportedly set to be paid over three instalments, and Cardiff are reportedly surprised that Nantes have requested the money while Sala has still not been officially found.

Bordeaux will also receive a percentage of the fee, thought to be 50 per cent, because Sala played for them from 2012-2015 before signing for Nantes.

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