Check Out All 230 New Emojis Arriving This Year

Cheryl Sanders
February 7, 2019

"This new set of emoji that we are proposing aims to provide a wider array of options to represent basic categories for people with disabilities".

Some of the new emoji coming in 2019.

The Unicode Consortium, the organization that standardizes emoji and includes Apple, Microsoft, and Google, announced 230 new emoji for 2019. For example, the new "couple holding hands" emoji will let you change either person's skin color to any of the six available. This follows complaints by Apple that very few emojis spoke to the experience of people with disabilities.

Emojis are small graphics and smiley faces you can send with your keyboard and incorporate in messages and online text.

There are also new food-themed emoji, including a waffle, butter, an onion, garlic, and a juice box. One emoji that has people excited is the new pinching hand emoji, which has already sparked people's imaginations and had its fair share of memes. New animals include a sloth, an otter, an orangutan, and a skunk. There are only 59 new base emojis, but if you include all the gender and colour variants, the number goes up to 230. They should hit computers and mobile devices later this year. It's likely that we won't see these emoji in action until September or October, according to the Unicode Consortium's blog post. (See the full list from Emojipedia right here.) There's also that aforementioned drop of blood.

The drop of blood emoji was promoted by Plan International UK and is meant to help normalise periods, and break down the stigma around them.

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