BioWare Previews Anthem Live Service, Endgame and Act One

Yolanda Curtis
February 10, 2019

Complete a variety of endgame missions - including any of the mission types below - to unlock and gather all the pieces you need.

Echoes of Reality is also only the first step for Anthem, with BioWare promising at least two more Acts after the Anthem live service content begins to come in at March.

Bioware has released a new video showing off some of the Anthem endgame content, and it looks rather interesting. Similar to the Borderlands series, the progressive level ups will make the in-game world more hard, but also increase the power and rarity of the reward drops you can find in the game.

Aside from those major points, Anthem's endgame is a lot of what's expected of it - contract missions, time-limited challenges (dailies, weeklies, monthlies), and free-roaming exploration. Players will also have access to Contracts.

Personalize your Javelins to showcase your accomplishments: As you rank up and defeat powerful foes, you'll gather loot and complete milestones in the game, unlocking fantastic personalization options that turn your Javelins into visual testaments to your ability and achievement. Those are called Grandmaster 1, Grandmaster 2, and Grandmaster 3.

What do you make of ANTHEM's launch trailer, then? We're starting to see more and more games designed around the endgame. Those updates, called "acts", will expand the game with "new locations, gameplay features, character interactions, and more". The three Grand Master tiers can only be played once you've reached Pilot Level 30. Different endgame objectives will reward the player with crafting blueprints for gear and personalization items. Legendary contracts are larger, multi-part missions with bigger rewards. Improving your reputation with different groups will give you access to crafting blueprints.

Finally, there are Cataclysms which the company describes as a world event which causes a physical change to the world, "like extreme weather, deluges of hostile creatures, and changes to the landscape that will reveal new mysteries to solve".

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