VLC Media Player Passes 3 Billion Downloads Mark, AirPlay Support Coming Soon

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2019

Whenever you can not play a specifically formatted movie or video on your PC or notebook, you often turn to one media player - VLC.

Some of the other features now in the works include a VR mode that would convert 2D content for VR headsets, along with an enhanced media library.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf, one of the app's lead developers, told Variety that roughly a quarter of downloads are now happening on mobile devices.

VLC is made by a non-profit outfit called VideoLan and runs entirely on donations so it is a wonder it is still with us.

It's part of the reason why the media player developed by VideoLAN has proved so popular, and recently passed a rather significant milestone.

Thoughts about VLC finally hitting 3 billion downloads? The roadmap revealed that VLC Media Player is about to provide support for Airplay on mobile devices.

According to Variety, the "team reverse-engineered most VR headsets to natively support VR video through the main VLC app" because using the SDKs provided by the headset-makers would increase the file size of VLC Media Player by hundreds of megabytes.

Mr. Kempf has been quoted saying that this feature could end up rolling out to Android devices using VLC in about a month. In fact, it's so popular that the software has eclipsed three billion downloads, and to celebrate the firm behind VLC, VideoLAN, has announced that AirPlay support is coming. The solution VLC came up with instead added only one megabyte to the app's size. Specifically, they demonstrated the ability to watch 2D movies in a virtual theater while wearing the HTC Vive at its CES booth this week. Kempf was quick to clear up any doubts. Let us know in the comments!

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