Verizon Gaming streaming service appears in early testing

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2019

With movies and TV shows already up in the cloud, it's inevitable that video games will be joining them, as it is learned Amazon is developing their own streaming video game service.

Amazon is speaking to publishers about bringing their games to its streaming platform, which apparently could launch in 2020. It nearly compels Amazon to push for this initiative now with the key competitors raising their own game streaming services. Given Amazon's access to state-of-the-art data centers, though, it could provide a faster and more reliable streaming service.

These online games will be hosted by cloud servers and streamed over the internet, giving users the hardware-flexibility.

Reported by The Information (via sources indicate that the service will be similar to what Microsoft and Google are now building with Project xCloud and Project Stream, respectively.

Even if this rumor was true, Amazon wouldn't be the first to roll out such a service.

In an October unveiling for Project xCloud, a service that would enable developers place their Xbox games on any device, the head of Microsoft's gaming cloud division described grand ambitions.

Backing up the claims, The Verge.spotted two job listings posted by Amazon for engineers to work on cloud gaming. On one hand it just cancelled its first project Breakaway back in April of a year ago, but on the other a move into the streaming side makes sense - the company certainly has the server capabilities and Amazon might want to stay neck-and-neck with the other big tech companies working on streaming.

Suggesting that not only are they diving into the world of cloud gaming, but they could also be planning to develop their own games in the future. The Information believes that the service could launch sometime next year, and if that's true, we may hear more about it soon.

According to some recent rumors, Amazon is indeed working on its own video games streaming platform.

The principle idea behind this Netflix-like-gaming-service is that the service will be able to handle all the heavy computing required to run graphic-intensive games in the cloud, and will subsequently stream the game to your computer or mobile device. We've seen OnLive close already, so there's no guarantee that, however big the companies involved, video game streaming will properly take off.

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