Trump Offers Dems Temporary Immigration Sweeteners In Exchange For Wall Money

Andrew Cummings
January 20, 2019

US President Donald Trump bitterly attacked top Democrat Nancy Pelosi on Sunday after she rejected a deal on immigration and the Mexico border wall that would end a 30-day-old government shutdown.

While addressing reporters ahead of a special announcement Saturday on the partial government shutdown and border wall funding, President Trump cited San Antonio as a city that had its crime problem solved after getting a wall.

Democrats, however, quickly rejected the deal, with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of NY emphasizing that Trump's offering some protections for DACA and TPS recipients "in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but more hostage taking".

The president said he would also allow holders of the Temporary Protected Status to remain in the country, though the administration has rescinded some of their protections.

The plan would fill his $5.7 billion budget request for the border wall, in exchange for temporary protection for more than one million immigrants.

After President Trump's most recent proposal was rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it remains unclear what kind of middle ground will need to be met for all sides to come to an agreement.

Following Trump's speech, Pelosi tweeted, "What is original in the President's proposal is not good". "This is not an amnesty bill", he said, noting the deportation protections are temporary under the plan.

Today, @POTUS outlined a viable plan to secure our borders, provide protections for DACA recipients and reopen the government.

"However, including amnesty in the new proposal is not the way to do it. Amnesty encourages further illegal immigration, incentivizes the tragedy of human trafficking, and undermines our citizens' confidence in the rule of law", Carafano said. The California Democrat said Trump's expected offer was "not a good-faith effort" to help the immigrants and could not pass the House.

"We hope once people get past the initial statements and initial reaction, when they really look at this legislation, when it comes to the floor of the Senate, they'll see it as an effort by the president to take ideas from both parties", said Pence. But while Trump cast the move as a "common-sense compromise", Democrats were quick to dismiss it at a "non-starter".

Meanwhile, some conservative voices also condemned President Trump's proposal.

However, long before the president spoke, Democrats in the House and Senate released a flurry of statements insisting the president should vote to reopen the government without border wall funding and continue to negotiate once workers are paid.

Republicans issued statements of support for the President's proposal, including McConnell, who said he intends to bring the legislation forward this week.

Schumer further accused the U.S. president of "putting forward one-sided and ineffective remedies", adding, "There's only way out: open up the government, Mr. President, and then Democrats and Republicans can have a civil discussion and come up with bipartisan solutions". "It's clearly a Republican-and-Republican negotiation", a Democratic congressional aide with direct knowledge of negotiations told CNN.

"The President's address to the nation failed to express even the slightest concern or support for the hundreds of thousands of Americans across our country who are living without paychecks because of this needless shutdown".

"This would be a bad deal, a major embarrassment for the president, and Chuck and Nancy will be high-fiving right through 2020 and beyond", said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, who speaks regularly with the administration. "We voted for Trump and got Jeb (Bush)!"

$800 million for humanitarian crisis aid at the U.S. -Mexico border. His large and loyal base of supporters is demanding that the President stand firm on his pledge to build a border wall despite the government shutdown. "I think a lot of members want to do that", Mulvaney said.

The $1 billion would not include money for the border wall, as Democrats are trying to make the case there are other border security measures that are more effective.

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