The Mad Box: Slightly Mad Studios Announces the Most Powerful Console

Yolanda Curtis
January 5, 2019

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer behind racing sims Project CARS and Need for Speed: Shift, seems to think so.

The other big draw is that Slightly Mad will make a cross-platform game development engine available for free to third-parties who want to create content for the console.

Speaking to Variety, Bell elaborated, stating that the console is planned to ship in around three years' time. The expected release window for the Mad Box is around "three years from now", and is expected to be priced "competitively" with Xbox and PlayStation offerings at the time.

Given Slightly Mad's own development experience, we could be looking some incredibly-rendered racing sims, and a console powerful enough for truly high-end VR gaming - speaking to Variety, Bell confirmed they were developing the console to be compatible with "most major VR headsets", which is unlike anything Xbox or PlayStation are now offering.

For many years, the PlayStation and Xbox have been the go-to consoles for serious gamers, but a newcomer wants to change that.

But what can we expect out of the Mad Box?

Curiously, it sounds like Slightly Mad Studios already has all the funding needed to see the Mad Box through to completion.

Slightly Mad Studios isn't necessarily a household name, especially in most parts of the world. Bell wrote. "It's the most powerful console ever built..."

When pressed, Bell clarified that he meant 60fps per eye, or 120fps total, but it still differs from the way fps is usually calculated for VR headsets (with the HTC Vive now running 90fps, and the PSVR potentially up to 120fps for select titles). He believes that the competition is healthy and they have the required hardware and design to bring something epic. "As of now we have no plans to pay developers "incentives" to exclude other hardware vendors" explains Bell.

Slightly Mad are also working on a Project Cars game for pocket telephones, as well as still updating Project Cars 2.

According to Bell, more details regarding Mad Box will be revealed in the coming weeks so stay tuned to Otakukart to get the complete information. He also promised that the Mad Box "will support most major VR headsets and those upcoming".

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