Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters Codenames Leaked

Yolanda Curtis
January 7, 2019

Yet another leak suggests that Super Smash Bros.

These leaked DLC fighters include the following characters from a wide range of video game franchises. This lends credibility to earlier rumours of Dragon Quest III's Erdrick potentially making an appearance, as ResetEra's MondoMega states that勇者 (Yuusha) is directly translated to fearless and also used as the name for the "Hero" class within the series. Joker should come out after Piranha Plant, who's the first DLC character coming to the game before February 15, 2019.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is going to get some DLC characters during the course of the year.

On top of that, defeating retro characters during the Classics event will net you even more Snacks than usual, which you can use to further level up your Spirits. Packu is the more obvious of the two, as that name is a direct reference to "Packun Flower" which happens to be the Japanese name for the Piranha Plant from the Mario series.

Jack is the character from Persona 5, revealed at The Game Awards 2018.

This isn't all, Persona Central also has details on what to expect when Persona 5's Joker is made available in Super Smash Bros. We have a better idea on who they may be, however, thanks to their codenames. Ultimate DLC fighters is codenamed Packu, and it could be a code name for Piranha Plant. In Japan, this class is called Yuusha, which directly translates to "brave" in English.

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