President Trump Primetime Address, Democrat Response Nets Over 40 Million Viewers

Carla Harmon
January 10, 2019

Donald Trump's first presidential address from the Oval Office was more of the same rhetoric about building the wall, which is the focal point of the now 18-day government shutdown.

"Don't say there are illegal immigrants".

Smith criticized Trump for the White House's reported refusal to agree to bills that would separately open certain areas of the government, which Smith said were "ready to go" and had "bipartisan support". The president has chosen fear. "He desperately wants us to be anxious about the border".

News executives were forced to consider whether Trump's record of issuing misleading or otherwise false information disqualified him from making a case for a border wall in a live speech from the Oval Office, Kennedy said.

It didn't exactly make for riveting political theater, but President Donald Trump's brief Tuesday night address on border security and the subsequent response from the two leading Democrats still managed to scare up around 40 million viewers.

We all know it, late night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel think that conservative viewers of their programs don't exist while further using conservative legislators as comedic punching bags. That's just plain wrong.

She said: "The fact is: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government". "But much of the debate centered around whether or not it is appropriate to give the president a forum to lie to us on television".

Falwell said, instead, Jesus was only preaching personal kindness and forgiveness, not politics. Bernie Sanders, also rejecting the president's characterization. There is an obvious solution: separate the shutdown from the arguments over border security.

There is no excuse for hurting millions of Americans over a policy difference. Some families can't get a mortgage to buy a new home.

My fellow Americans, there is no challenge so great that our nation can not rise to meet it. The Democratic Party wants the government reopened-now. We want our border wall, like we promised, though we promised that the Mexicans would pay for it.' So it's not the promise.

Veteran ABC anchor Ted Koppel, speaking with The New York Times, said Trump deserved the "benefit of the doubt".

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