PM warns of catastrophe if Brexit rejected

Cheryl Sanders
January 13, 2019

He said if it is defeated, Britain should continue to press the European Union for a deal that "respects the referendum but if Brussels' "intransigence" persists "we must be willing to leave the European Union at the end of March on World Trade Organisation terms".

Elsewhere, it emerged that Speaker John Bercow met Tory remain rebel Dominic Grieve on Tuesday, the day before his controversial decision to allow MPs a vote on Mr Grieve's amendment to the timetable of the Brexit deal.

In her plea for support two days before the parliament's vote, May said lawmakers must not let down the people who voted for Brexit, Reuters reported.

Mrs May said: "When you turned out to vote in the referendum, you did so because you wanted your voice to be heard". We can not - and must not - let you down.

May, writing in the Sunday Express, appealed to lawmakers to follow through on the mandate of voters, and she warned of risks if the measure is defeated Tuesday: "Doing so would be a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy", she said.

"So my message to Parliament this weekend is simple: It is time to forget the games and do what is right for our country".

Adding to May's woes: The Sunday Times reported a group of cross-party members is working on a plan that would enable Parliament to suspend Article 50 - which trigger the U.K.'s withdrawal - and potentially put the Brexit process on hold.

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said one possibility was that backbenchers could legally compel the government to delay Brexit beyond the set departure date - a proposal some MPs have already called for.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling told the Daily Mail that the party risked cheating and isolating the millions of United Kingdom citizens who voted to leave the European Union, ending its 350-year period of "moderate" politics.

Defeat will leave Britain staring at an exit on March 29 without a deal, unless the country's feuding politicians can agree on another plan.

The vote had been scheduled to take place in December but was called off at the last minute by the prime minister, who was facing nearly certain defeat.

The Brexiteer said the millions who voted for Brexit would feel "cheated" if the United Kingdom did not exit the EU.

On the opposition benches, pressure is also mounting on Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. "Projectfear? Project terror? Extremism more likely if we get failed Brexit which leads to lower living standards and less money for services".

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