New Caravan of Central American Migrants Crosses Into Mexico

Cheryl Sanders
January 20, 2019

The cohort crossed into Chiapas state before dawn without needing the wrist bands that officials on Thursday gave migrants to wear until they could register with authorities, several migrants and an official told Reuters.

A caravan of migrants from Honduras en route to the United States, cross the Suchiate river to Mexico from Tecun Uman.

The illegal crossings come just hours after Mexican authorities effectively "opened" their border crossings to "avoid confrontations" with the Central American migrants.

"We know that it is going to be hard, but we just can't survive anymore" in Honduras, she said.

Once registered, migrants who met the requirements to stay would be issued humanitarian visas, allowing them to work in Mexico or continue to the United States border, said Ana Laura Martinez de Lara, director general of migratory control and verification. Although many consider this a humanitarian crisis and strive to help the migrants, other reports from Tijuana also spoke of a nationalistic rise against the migrants as protesters accused the migrants of being messy and called upon the Mexican government to carry out security checks in order to ensure there are no criminals among the group.

Two days after their arrival on Mexican territory, this contingent, majority Hondurans, has not stopped advancing.

Milenio first reported on the incursion, reporting that Mexico's National Coordinator for Civil Protection David De Leon said he was not able to get a real headcount of the migrants but believes they numbered more than 800.

As the migrants patiently lined up, received identification bracelets, and followed instructions of Mexican immigration officers, the scene was a stark contrast from last October, when Mexican Federal Police blocked a group of Central American members from crossing the bridge.

Mexico's migration institute said the migrants can stay in temporary shelters in Mexico until they receive humanitarian visas allowing them to remain in the country, or they can wait in Guatemala for their document to be ready.

U.S. President Donald Trump warned Tuesday of a "big new" group of migrants coming to the U.S. from Latin America, adding that the newest caravan is coming from Honduras where rampant gang violence and poverty has led many people to leave their countries for the U.S.

In exchange, the Mexican leader asks Trump to put in money to improve economic conditions in the region.

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