Meteors come to Kingman skies

Pablo Tucker
January 5, 2019

One of the top meteor showers of the year is expected to be visible in southern Colorado Thursday night into Friday morning.

The Quadrantids, named after an extinct constellation, are known for their bright fireball meteors and being one of the best meteor showers of the year, according to NASA.

The last time that Qatar had an encounter with meteor showers was back in November a year ago when annual meteors "Taurid and Leonid" appeared in the skies of Doha.

The elusive shower is caused by the trail of debris left by 2003 EH1, an object astronomers think is a rock-comet - nearly an asteroid, not quite a comet.

It's most visible to people living in the northern hemisphere, which means we should be in a great position to see all the action.

However, despite the relatively lengthy period in which they occur, catching the peak-where up to 100 meteors shoot across the sky-can be tricky as it only lasts around six hours.

False-color image of a rare early Quadrantid, captured by a NASA meteor camera in 2010.

The best time is between midnight at about 6am in the morning.

It's probably going to be cold too, so you better bundle up.

The Quadrantids appear to come from a constellation called "Quadrans Muralis", which was created in 1795 but is no longer recognised as a constellation.

If you want to check your chances for seeing them, Time and Date has a helpful guide too.

Lie flat on your back with your feet facing northeast and look up, taking in as much of the sky as possible. Once you're warmly dressed and in the dark, allow for your eyes to adjust. "Be patient - the show will last until dawn, so you have plenty of time to catch a glimpse", it wrote.

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