Man arrested for allegedly stealing roommate's $10 million lottery ticket

Cheryl Sanders
January 10, 2019

A man in Vacaville, California was arrested for allegedly stealing his roommate's $10 million (around P521.8 million) winning lottery ticket. It was then that he learned the ticket was actually worth $10 million, police said.

He reported the matter to police after suspecting that one of his two roommates had taken the ticket and replaced it with a fraudulent one while he was sleeping, the Sacramento Bee reported.

According to police, when the man woke up the next day to collect his money, he was told the ticket he had was a losing one that had its numbers altered.

They say the victim, who has asked not to be identified by police, purchased a $30 scratch-off ticket at a Lucky Grocery Store on 20 December "with hopes of winning a little extra cash for the holidays".

According to the station, lottery officials were unaware at that point that the ticket had been reported stolen but began the routine investigation that they conduct on all winnings over $600. Part of the investigation included viewing the surveillance cameras at the store where the ticket was purchased.

Saosongyang was invited to "collect his winnings" at a lottery office, where police waited for him.

A man is in custody accused of stealing a lottery ticket from his roommate.

The lottery is a magnet for elaborate scams. This is when the Lottery Investigator and a Vacaville PD Detective began comparing notes and working together on this theft investigation. Who was responsible for the ticket presented the following day?

He was led to believe he would be able to collect the enormous sum on January 7 - but was arrested on turning up at Lottery Sacramento's California headquarters to do so, with police even sharing a photo of the moment he was led off to face justice.

Saosongyang was charged with grand theft and held at the Sacramento County Jail.

He remains jailed and it's unclear if he has an attorney.

"We have our victim going into the store, which is date and time stamped, of him actually buying the lottery ticket", Polen said.

"Although, I'm sure everything will work out in the end", he told the newspaper.

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