LG G8 will have two screens thanks to an attachment

Yolanda Curtis
January 20, 2019

Earlier, there were reports that LG could unveil a foldable smartphone like its South Korean rival Samsung.

Due to launch at Mobile World Congress next month, the LG G8 is taking a different approach to the foldable bandwagon already jumped on by Samsung, Royole, Oppo, Huawei and others. According to the claims, LG is going to bring its next flagship device with a unique dual-display setup instead on one big bezels display.

CNET's source allegedly described the attachment as "a sort of case with a screen [that] could potentially double the total screen size of the device".

Yes, another fact to be noted is once you attach the dual optional display the LG G8 will give you a full 7-inch view.

Interestingly, LG is apparently continuing the focus on gesture navigation that we've seen on its previous phones (like the thing where you can start the selfie timer by holding up your hand) with a new UI called 'touchless input.' It's said to include front-facing phone sensors that'll read your hand gestures from a foot away.

If you are thinking of another ZTE Axon M foldable display, think again. You did really well past year with the G7 and V40 thanks to sensible members of your team actually including useful features like a Boombox speaker and one of the most versatile sets of cameras on a smartphone.

We're more likely to see the LG G8 at 2pm in Barcelona (which is 10pm in Korea - an easy one to mix up when reporting). One of its rumored upcoming handsets certainly sounds interesting-a phone with an optional second screen attachment.

LG G8 has to make new features.

Unfortunately, the G7 ThinQ and V40 ThinQ did not do well and were overlooked. The roll-up OLED TV coming to the market is similar to the prototype, but it has an improved base station.

As the name suggests, LG's roll-up TV can be rolled up when not in use, so it's flawless for those who don't like a big, black screen in their living room.

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