Introducing Waze Feature In Google Map App

Yolanda Curtis
January 21, 2019

Now, for the first time and to the delight of many, Google is adding speed limits and speed trap information to Google Maps.

One of the best feature that Google Maps need to adopt from Waze is the ability to create reports so that users are more aware of the traffic situations when they're on the roads.

The speed limit feature is easy to see: It appears on the left side of users' smartphone screens, so they'll be alerted right away if they have to drive faster or slower on their trip. Engaget suggested the delay in rollout could be that Google is making sure all of the speed limits are correct before putting them up, avoiding any blame for heavy-footed drivers.

It is true that with the arrival of these features in Google Maps, Waze will no longer have its strongest arguments. Therefore, although all the reports so far have been from Android users, iPhone owners are likely to start seeing speed warnings as well.

What do you think about Google finally adding in speed limits and speed traps to the application considering Apple Maps and Waze have had it for a while? That might change soon, though, given that one tipster from New York City, another from Los Angeles, and yet another from Minnesota all tipped us about seeing the speed limits tonight.

Unhappily, despite these claims that these apps can help users map their journeys or carry tools like compass or speedometer, every app can work on Google Maps or its related APIs to do the actual work. While Garmin and TomTom are still around, the fact most people use either Android or iOS smartphones means Google Maps is now in the palm of most people's hands.

Waze was criticized a few years ago for the speed trap notification feature, which police officers called "irresponsible".

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