HTC Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos VR headsets announced at CES 2019

Yolanda Curtis
January 8, 2019

That HTC, which reported a 62 percent drop in revenue year-on-year in its last earnings call, is hoping for virtual reality to revitalise its business is no secret: The company has been pushing its Vive platform heavily, from launching the high-end Vive Pro and self-contained Vive Focus to announcing software subscription offerings, big-budget film tie-ins, in-house studios, and even accelerator and venture capital programmes created to boost uptake of VR technology. The feature allows graphics to be optimized where the viewer is looking directly to boost graphics quality while reducing fidelity at the periphery of vision.

HTC hasn't revealed a price or release date for the Vive Pro Eye, but says it will launch during the second quarter of 2019.

To the user, it's fine if a VR announcement doesn't apply to them at the moment. HTC explains that the eye tracking takes place via LED sensors located around the lenses inside the HMD. Plus, it comes with a flip-up design, so you can swap between reality and virtual reality instantly.

If you've ever used a virtual reality headset, you know that it tracks a lot of things including your head and hands to ensure a seamless, immersive experience.

Following last year's introduction of the Vive Pro for business customers, HTC today unveiled the HTC Vive Pro Eye, a headset with integrated eye tracking. As the name suggests, this new headset is bringing eye integration into the mix, improving performance for both the company and consumers.

Past year at CES 2018, HTC announced the Vive Pro HMD with higher resolution screens, and showed off its wireless adapter.

With eye-tracking, users will not need a controller for specific tasks, using eye movements instead to navigate the VR world. Despite having a presence at the event, details regarding the new headset are rather scarce for now though since the company stated that more information regarding it will only be shared in the coming months. On top of that, HTC has outlined software updates to its content subscription service and something called the "Vive Reality System". HTC also hinted Cosmos might one day hook up to a phone.

Partners for the HTC Vive Pro Eye already include the Major League Baseball, among others.

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