Google's Fuchsia OS Spotted With Android Apps Support Through Android Runtime

Yolanda Curtis
January 3, 2019

It was last month when two new repositories were added to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) manifest that pertained to Fuchsia OS. This unique version of ART will be installable on Fuchsia OS devices using a.far file (which looks to be Android's equivalent of an APK file). Now it seems, that Android-app support will indeed be coming to the upcoming OS, thanks to a new change found in the Android Open Source Project.

Forward-looking: We've known for a while now that Google is working on the eventual successor to Android: Fuchsia OS.

Google developers aren't exactly subtle when it comes to their goal here, aiming to "build ART for Fuchsia".

The fact that neither has been completely successful in doing so means the odds would be stacked against Fuchsia, but if they do get it right, would be a realisation of a holy grail in computing - able to work across chipsets and form factors.

Many of you are probably not as familiar with the Google Fuchsia OS, and are wondering why is it being mentioned so frequently in news. Fuchsia first surfaced back in 2016 as a project that appeared on GitHub. Still in development, it looks like it's going to be a "hybrid" OS, which means the operating system will be made up of two distinct but connected user interfaces.

With millions of people happy with their Android apps, many of which they paid for, their compatibility with Fuchsia should help ease the transition from one OS to another, though it will still be many years before that starts happening. Google's plans regarding Fuchsia are a complete mystery at this point, as the company did not really talk about pre-installing this OS on any hardware or anything of the sort.

Fuchsia OS is rumored to be an Android-meets-Chrome, multi-device operating system.

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