Google Maps Gives The Green Light To Speed Limit Signs

Yolanda Curtis
January 20, 2019

According to Android Police, three users sent in tips that posted speed limits were now showing up in their Google Maps displays. It was all the way back in July 2017 when the feature showed up in California and Brazil. On one hand, it makes sense that Google is trying to keep the two services different - after all, they excel in different things, and while Waze is a driver-focused experience, Maps caters more to exploring areas on foot.

Users have reported seeing the speed limit at the bottom corner of the Google Maps screen, making it easy to spot and change speeds if you need to.

Drivers in the USA have to be extremely careful of traffic violations, but it can be a daunting task to adhere to the varying speed limits in different parts of the country. For now, Google needs to roll out speed limit signs to everyone first.

Google has been adding UI to enable these features for the past few months, and Waze fans can finally rejoice as some of the app's best functions are added to Google Maps. The speed traps will now show up when someone maps navigation from point A to B. Google will even play an audio cue when approaching a speed camera. Of course, as with nearly any new feature in a first-party Google product, you may still have to wait until it reaches your country (even though Waze has had this for years).

When users click on the report button, it'll give them the option to "add a report" for a collision or a speed trap - hotspots where police are believed to be pulling over drivers in large numbers. People in Los Angeles, New York City and Minneapolis have all gotten the update. It's a very popular feature on Waze because it does allow users to see how fast they should be going.

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