First Alleged 2019 iPhone XI 'Leak': 3D Renders Reveal Triple-Camera Setup

Andrew Cummings
January 7, 2019

The flash is aligned with the third sensor, but seems to have no spatial relationship to anything: it's off the center of the curve of the camera patch.

There's some controversy regarding the objective of the third camera.

The array is not too dissimilar to what can be found on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but the lenses aren't lined up in a square format but instead make an interesting triangular formation.

Apple is among the few OEMs, if not the only one, that hasn't adopted a multi-camera setup for its 2018 flagship. There's no doubt the iPhone XI will support wireless charging and have aluminium core - even if it is for the premium models. These models will succeed the current iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. So that means this may not be a final design, rather final changes are still possible.

What's unclear is exactly what extra features we'll get from having an extra camera grafted onto the back of the phone. There's no revelation of the front panel of the iPhone XI but we expect Apple to shift from the traditional wide notch to a waterdrop notch, maybe?

Apple went through a few issues in the aftermath of the iPhone XS launch with pundits suggesting the company hadn't offered enough of an upgrade to tempt customers away from their existing phones. The flash, cameras and mic are placed in a staggered design, which looks outright ugly (I say this now, but if it's true, I'm buying one without question #isheepgamestrong).

Apple will be releasing its iPhone XI this year, which according to the company's pattern will be a major upgrade over the previous generation. The placement of the three cameras is also something to look out for.

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