Dozens Of Stranded Seals Flounder In Canadian Town

Cheryl Sanders
January 11, 2019

Roddickton town council is formally requesting that the Fisheries Department return the animals to the ocean at the edge of the frozen inlet that has trapped them in the first place.

"It actually feels like we're being inundated with seals, because there's seals on the road, there's seals in people's driveways, the backyards, the parking lots, the doorways, the businesses".

Posting on Facebook, the force said: "The RCMP and DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) remind the general public that it is illegal to disturb marine mammals and although animals of the wild may appear to be friendly in nature, it is very risky to approach or attempt to capture animals without proper equipment".

The group of seals are becoming hungry, exhausted and are crying out, says Fitzgerald.

"They're pitiful to look at". DFO has returned individual seals to open water in the past.

Stenson said fisheries officers were there Wednesday to further examine the area around the community.

Images posted on social media by local Brendon Fitzpatrick show a number of the animals laying on the roads and on banks of snow, seemingly confused as to what to do. "A week ago, we woke up. we have two little brooks in town - they were full of seals".

Fitzgerald fears the seals are too confused to find their way out of town.

Police say the animal crossed highways, moved through traffic and posed a "public safety issue" on Saturday before being spotted outside the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre, where it blocked an ambulance route. Two of the seals have been killed by a auto and the rest may starve if they are not returned to the ocean in time.

The BBC reported that the animals became stuck in Roddickton-Bide Arm after the town's bay and surrounding water froze over.

The small Newfoundland town has been swarmed with the animals, but even though two of the mammals have died, DFO says it's normal.

She also said that the seals appeared increasingly lethargic. "This is hard for the little seals, because nobody wants to see animals hurt - but it's also hard for the town".

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