Doorbell-licker spent 3 hours lurking outside family's home, police say

Cheryl Sanders
January 9, 2019

A man in Salinas in the U.S. state of California has been caught on a security camera licking a doorbell - for three hours.

The homeowners were not home at the time, but they told news station KION that their children were.

It is totally legal for you to lick your own doorbell for three hours.

At one point the man began coiling up an electric extension cord they thought he was trying to steal.

Arroyo reportedly went to a neighbor's house as well.

The Salinas Police Department believes the suspect is 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo. He has not yet been located.

The video also showed the doorbell licker appearing to relieve himself in the front yard.

"This guy's getting some sick jollies off of something", David commented after watching the man-on-doorbell action in disbelief.

There's weird, super-weird and just plain "out there".

Police are still searching for Arroyo, who may face two misdemeanor charges, including petty theft and prowling. Sylvia Dungan said an alert to her phone told her about movement outside her home.

After reviewing the surveillance footage, Dungan reported the incident to authorities, who were able to quickly identify the suspect thanks to the high quality of the video.

While residents expressed concern over the incident, they also said he ultimately didn't do any real harm. "It didn't take us long to identify the individual", said Miguel Cabrera of Salinas Police.

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