2019 launch for second-generation EPYC CPUs confirmed at AMD keynote

Yolanda Curtis
January 10, 2019

The company started off with a brief gaming demo focused around Forza Horizon 4, where a Ryzen 3000-series machine with a Radeon VII graphics card was able to maintain over 110 FPS in the game running at 1920x1080 resolution with graphics settings at maximum. The company's new Radeon VII GPU is its second generation Vega Graphics core, with features like Async Compute, Rapid Packed Math and Shader Intrinsics.

The GPU landscape is more nebulous, though the introduction of Radeon VII is a left-field move that could cause a problem for the high-end RTX GPUs: we have only another month to find out for ourselves.

Exceptional capabilities: The Radeon VII graphics card is built upon 7nm process technology, delivering higher gaming performance than the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card. AMD had Battlefield V and Far Cry 5 results on stage showing a 1fps lead for the new Vega-based Radeon VII, but with the Vulkan-based Strange Brigade you could see a massive 20% performance lead for the AMD card at 4K Ultra settings. Aside from having the jump on 7nm for desktops, AMD CEO, Lisa Su, also announced that 3rd Gen Ryzen processors will be the first in the world to support PCIe 4.0.

- Radeon 7 will have up to 30% better performance over the RX Vega 64 in content creation workloads like Blender and up to 60% better for OpenCL. We assume that marks the boost clock of the gaming GPU, but that is still some 300MHz quicker than the boost clocks of the RX Vega 64.

The AMD Radeon VII comes with 60 compute units running up to 1.8Ghz, will provide 25% more performance at the same power, and will offer 1TB/sec memory bandwidth. Nvidia's 2080 RTX runs $799, though third-party manufacturer prices vary.

"AMD loves gaming and AMD loves gamers", Su said.

The demo also is indicative that Ryzen 3000 is not yet launched and AMD also did not share anything on model numbers meaning that short term you can not expect the new procs, but it will be the "middle of" this year for sure. So, still no news as to when that little beauty is going to make an appearance, but we're still betting on Computex, around the same time as the new AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs...

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