Trainer Battles are coming to Pokemon GO… soon!

Yolanda Curtis
December 3, 2018

Niantic has been talking about a PvP mode for Pokemon GO for quite some time now, but the company didn't really commit to an ETA. The frantic tapping mechanics of the battles in GO may leave long-time fans wanting for something a little more in-depth, but at least it's good to know Niantic is still working on improving the game with features fans have been asking for since release. The Great League will allow a cap fo 1500 CP per Pokemon, Ultra at 2500 CP per Pokemon and Master League has no cap limit. In Pokemon GO however, players for the most part can only capture Pokemon.

Are you ready to battle your friends in Pokémon GO?

Niantic made it clear in a tweet that the CP restrictions in the Great and Ultra Leagues are meant to force players to make more strategic choices during battle, rather than just relying on CP to brute force a victory.

The inclusion of trainer battles will surely be a welcome change for the game, as it is still popular despite being two years removed from its globally viral release. Or, perhaps the image is meant to signify Niantic is overhauling the battle system yet again to make battles more tactical. Not only are "Trainer Battles" on their way, they'll be coupled with so-called "Battle Leagues" with CP caps, allowing every Pokemon in your collection a chance to shine.

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