Open enrollment for health insurance through ends Saturday

Henrietta Brewer
December 15, 2018

Insurance advisor Marcus Hood has spent more than 15 years in the insurance business, and for the last six weeks, he's worked 12 hour days for the ACA Open Enrollment Period.

Between November 1, when open enrollment began, and December 1, more than 55,000 Arizona consumers had selected a plan on

While O'Connor's ruling marks an uncertain moment for the millions of people who rely on Obamacare for health insurance coverage, it won't immediately take effect.

But federal data shows the average number of people signing-up daily, is down more than 9%.

The health care law still faces legal challenges, A conservative federal judge in Texas ruled the Affordable Care Act "invalid" Friday on the eve of the sign-up deadline for next year.

This is the first enrollment period without the individual mandate, which penalized people on their tax returns who did not buy health insurance.

Disappointing sign-ups will add to the long-running political blame game over health care.

American Medical Association president Barbara McAneny said the group will work with other groups in pursuing an appeal and reversal of the decision.

The Department of Health and Human Services said the deadline applies to those who do not have health insurance coverage, or who would like to change what they now have.

As the deadline to sign up for insurance on Connecticut's Affordable Care Act's marketplace looms, officials say enrollment in the state is matching last year's pace.

The window of time to enroll for health insurance coverage for 2019 is closing this week. But such plans may appeal to healthy people looking for a measure of financial protection against an unexpected illness.

"There are a lot of plans available now", says Karen Perez of Access Health CT.

Still, President Donald Trump immediately celebrated the ruling via Twitter and said Congress must now act.

Under the law's community rating provision, insurers are not allowed to set premiums based on a person's health history.

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