New Far Cry Game's Name, Box Art Seemingly Leak

Yolanda Curtis
December 8, 2018

The setting, which is reminiscent of Rage 2's color scheme, also looks to be taking inspiration from other post-apocalyptic games like Fallout. Still set in Hope County, it's up to players to find a way to thrive and survive in this harsh new frontier of irradiated wastelands and hostile bandits. You'll be able to explore these smaller areas and scout for supplies and resources.

New Dawn brings something new to the Far Cry series with Expeditions. Now thanks to a new leak, we have an idea of what the game's title and cover art will look like.

The front cover depicts a white man strapped to the hood of a bullethole-ridden vehicle as two black females look at the camera menacingly.

But it isn't just flowers that are populating the revitalised Hope County: a ragtag gang wearing Motocross armour called the Highwaymen have entered the scene, screeching to the fill the void left by the Peggies.

I can tell you that there are some familiar faces, aged 17 years, from Far Cry 5.

With Joseph Seed's Doomsday cult finally getting what they wished for, they're naturally nowhere to be seen in New Dawn.

Build up your home base and recruit specialists to upgrade it as you unlock all-new features. The Homebase, called Prosperity, is the stronghold of the Survivors.

What's New in "New Dawn"?

Unfortunately, it appears that Capcom has signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft and the first demo of it will be made available exclusively on Xbox One tomorrow.

Warning: Far Cry 5 spoilers here, proceed at own risk.

A gun-toting granny is all well and good, but what of Far Cry 5's animal companions?

"[Expedition maps are] one square kilometer by one square kilometer, so it's fairly large".

After Ubisoft's teaser about a new Far Cry game last day, a cover image for the same seems to have leaked online which shows the name of the new game as Far Cry: New Dawn.

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