Named best apps for Android in 2018

Yolanda Curtis
December 7, 2018

Unsurprisingly, PUBG Mobile won a bunch of them - the Best Game by Google's jury and the Fan Favorite Game as well.

Flutter is a cross-platform development toolkit which today allows for apps to be written for Android and iOS, and is planned for use with Windows, OS X, Linux, and in browsers in the future. The fraud scheme, which Google calls 'install attribution abuse', involves a developer claiming a share of the revenue generated by app downloads despite playing no role in guiding users to install the app.

Popular PUBG rival Fortnite, which uses a similar battle royale formula but swaps realism for soft-edged caricature and more obvious silliness, was completely absent from the round-up, by virtue of having avoided distribution on the Play store altogether.

The first beta release was debuted at the Mobile World Congress in February and the final developer preview was shown off at Google Developer Days China in late September. "As a web developer, it was super easy to make the transition to Flutter, and I can't believe I was able to build a fully working app that can take payments in just a week", said Dean Papastrat, a developer who creates apps for small businesses.

According to Google, the primary benefits of Flutter are fourfold. The Dart 2.1 release enables smaller code size, faster type checks and better usability for type errors, in addition to new language features.

Also, 2Dimensions announced the availability of Flare, a new tool for building vector animations, that can be embedded directly into the Flutter app. At this stage apparently the app does very little, requiring a server-side switch most likely. For the payment to be successfully transferred, the newly installed app will generate a "flashback", so that developers and partner agencies can be notified of the ad source, as well as the device that installed the app.

Widgets Rather than relying upon native platform widgets or using WebViews to present widgets, Flutter creates its own with a modern react-style framework, inspired by React.

With its "Add to App" feature, Flutter can help developers add features to their existing applications.

Flutter could play a larger part in Google's plans for the Fuchsia operating system, which has been in development at Google since 2016, though no formal announcement of its objective has been made.

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