Looks Like a New Far Cry Will Be Announced Early Friday Morning

Yolanda Curtis
December 7, 2018

As for the teaser trailer below opens with a picturesque farm and a voiceover saying "none of us were ready for the end".

In any event, Far Cry 5 ended with a surprise nuclear Armageddon: It turns out that Joseph Seed, the apocalyptic preacher at the heart of all the trouble in Hope County, was right all along.

When can I play it? . Though the brief look doesn't explicitly say the announcement is connected with Far Cry 5 or that it's explicitly Far Cry 6, the setting of this new game or expansion appears similar to be similar to the latest game in the series.

This will also be the first Far Cry game to be a direct sequel to the last.

If you want to see the new teaser Ubisoft released, you can find it below. This year, it looks like viewers will be treated to the reveal of a brand new Far Cry experience. It's not impossible, I suppose, but given the proximity to Far Cry 5's release, it does seem unlikely.

Interesting stuff! The bucolic country setting seen at the beginning of the trailer strongly suggests the next Far Cry will take place on an atom-bomb-altered version of Far Cry 5's Montana map.

The teaser trailer for the next game talks about how an explosion caused death and "The flames devoured everything" but eventually "years of rain and howling winds gave way to blue skies and a new world in bloom".

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