Leaked Samsung curved screen tech to cost the company $5.8 billion

Yolanda Curtis
December 3, 2018

Samsung already demoed its handset with flexible OLED display at a San Francisco conference early this month ahead of its early-2019 target release. They then sold the documents in China, earning 15.5 billion won ($13.8 million).

Prosecutors called the 3D lamination display technology "national core technology" that took engineers six years and the equivalent of $134 million to develop, Reuters reports.

Samsung Display's edge panel technology for a curved edge of a smartphone screen has leaked to China.

Two others who were also allegedly complicit in leaking the technology, but worked for a separate Chinese company, were not indicted.

The curved-edge display technology is used in its much-lauded Galaxy phones, which continue to be well received. The case involves flexible display technology that made several of Samsung's flagship phones including the latest Note 9 extremely popular.

Theydid not name the people or companies involved in the theft. The illegal technology transfer occurred between May and August of this year.

It should be noted that Huawei is now competing with Samsung in a race to launch the world's first foldable smartphone.

The Suwon District Prosecutor's Office charged 11 people on Thursday with stealing tech secrets from Samsung (SSNLF), the office said in a statement.

The prosecutors' office insisted that the leakage had caused financial damage, worth 6.5 trillion won in revenue and 1 trillion won in operating profit, to the affiliate of tech giant Samsung Electronics over the past three years.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Samsung Display said it was "shocked at the results of the investigation by prosecutors, at a time when competitors are intensifying their technological rivalry". Our company will fully cooperate with legal proceedings to find the truth in court.' Of course, Samsung said the incident has spurred the company to beef up security around its technology and secrets.

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