Jeep Wrangler gets bad 1-star NCAP safety rating

Andrew Cummings
December 8, 2018

The second generation Audi Q3 has scored 5 stars in the latest round of Euro NCAP Crash Tests.

"It is truly disappointing to see a brand-new auto being put on sale in 2018 with no autonomous braking system and no lane assistance". In its statement to Roadshow, a Fiat Chrysler spokesperson said that an integrated radar and camera module nestled behind the rearview mirror will give the 2019 Wrangler both automatic braking and adaptive cruise control capabilities.

•Another poor performer in this month's round of Euro NCAP testing was the new Jeep Wrangler, which only achieved a one star rating.

Euro NCAP says the Jeep Wrangler performed poorly in crash tests
Euro NCAP says the Jeep Wrangler performed poorly in crash tests

The 2018 facelift for the Fiat Panda failed to get more than 50 per cent in any of the tests, with safety for children in the back of the Panda scoring just 16 per cent against an average of 79 per cent. Another part of the report talked about how the deformation of the footwell showed the limit of the structure's integrity. The new Audi Q3 scored 95 per cent for adult occupant protection and 86 per cent for child occupant protection.

While the aforementioned cars all five-star rated to no one's surprise, Jeep's latest Wrangler and Fiat Panda did the otherwise. During the rearward impact test, rear passengers were found extremely vulnerable to the so-called "whiplash injuries".

Fiat Chrysler Australia says the one-star rating may not apply to local vehicles because they will be available with autonomous emergency braking, which can slam on the brakes if the technology senses an imminent collision.

Although not an official comment, it's believed that if the Jeep tested by the Euro NCAP had been equipped with the upcoming AEB system, its rating would be considerably higher, although no specifics were given.

Jaguar's all-electric I-Pace might have received critical acclaim but now with a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, it looks more promising than ever.

The scores of the vehicles that underwent the stringent safety test procedures are keenly observed not just by the manufacturers but the prospective customers as well due to the paramount significance they have on modern day vehicles.

It draws parallels to the two-star score achieved by the Ford Mustang in early 2017, which scored poorly in the area of rear occupant protection.

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