Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested in Canada as US seeks her extradition

Andrew Cummings
December 6, 2018

The chief financial officer of China-based global tech giant Huawei Technologies was arrested in Vancouver this week.

Wanzhou Meng, who also goes by Sabrina Meng, was arrested in Vancouver on Saturday, Dec. 1, Department of Justice Canada spokesperson Ian McLeod told Global News.

The Justice Department statement also noted that Meng requested a publication ban, which a Canadian court can order to prohibit publishing within the country certain details of proceedings and trials until they are complete. "The ban was sought by Ms Meng". Meng adopted her mother's surname.

The Globe and Mail reported Wednesday that USA authorities allege Meng attempted to evade the US trade embargo with Iran, though StarMetro has not independently verified this claim.

"The Chinese side has lodged stern representations with the USA and Canadian side, and urged them to immediately correct the wrongdoing and restore the personal freedom of Ms Meng Wanzhou".

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports surfaced in April that the United States was investigating Huawei for possibly violating Iran export bans, a scenario that got fellow Chinese firm ZTE into significant trouble earlier this year.

Earlier this year, it barred USA companies from exporting to Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE over violations of the Iranian sanctions, effectively shutting down the firm.

Sources previously told Reuters that United States authorities had been investigating Huawei for allegedly shipping products to Iran in breach of USA sanctions. It is not clear if Meng's arrest is connected to the USA probe into Huawei.

It says she was arrested when she was transferring flights in Canada.

Huawei, the world's biggest network equipment maker ahead of Ericsson and Nokia, has said Beijing has no influence over its operations.

Huawei's CFO was arrested in Canada, according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal.

Skycom was described by Huawei as one of its "major local partners", although the Chinese company said neither it nor Skycom ultimately provided the HP equipment.

Britain's BT Group said on Wednesday it was removing Huawei Technologies' equipment from the core of its existing 3G and 4G mobile operations and would not use the Chinese company in central parts of the new network. Its equipment is banned in the USA and Australia and in the United Kingdom it is rigorously tested by the Government at a guarded facility.

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