Google promises to shut down two of its seven messaging apps

Yolanda Curtis
December 6, 2018

Allo will carry on working for the happy and bewildered few until March 2019, and until then, users can download all their Allo data to preserve it for future historians to marvel at how a company the size of Google ever thought this was a good idea.

Allo development, as slow as it was, has been on hold since Google announced they were re-focusing their messaging efforts on the Rich Communications Services (RCS) powered "Chat" platform in their Android Messages app back in April.

In 2016 when Allo launched Da, nny Sullivan (now at Google as Search Liaison) expressed skepticism about Allo's chances because of some awkward functionality.

Google has found itself with an overwhelming number of messaging options as it seems to throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks and call it spaghetti. The features like Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support from Allow has been moved to Messages and to continue the momentum and to focus on Messages services, Google is stopping Allo support.

Google didn't dispute this in any of their clarifications, only acknowledging that they'll soon offer Hangouts users the chance to use Hangouts Chat, which is now only available to G Suite customers as more of a collaboration tool. "Given Messages' continued momentum, we've chose to stop supporting Allo to focus on Messages", Klainer wrote on Thursday.

The last time Allo was updated on Android is January and the app has already shown signs of aging with bugs and Google Drive restore is borked. "We're fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime", wrote Klainer. It does seem that Hangouts is being focused more on team collaboration rather than normal chat, and Messages may take over the latter goal. With Hangouts and Allo out of the way, Google may finally have a straightforward approach to messaging. Duo also keeps getting better by the month.

9to5Google also recently broke the news that Google plans to dramatically change the way Google Hangouts works.

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