Google Play redesign with bright UI rolling out on Android

Yolanda Curtis
December 1, 2018

Owners of Android TV hardware will soon be able to use those speakers to listen to that music, as a Play Store listing for a TV version of Amazon Music has appeared.

Google is releasing a safety-focused update to its Android Auto platform to make it easier for drivers to access content and view messages. While it's not a ideal replica of your smartphone experience, new features for searching for music, books, podcasts and viewing messages are trying to make it less of a hassle to have to drive and be away from your phone. When you get messages, Android Auto will now show you a short preview of the text when your vehicle is stopped.

Android Auto

The new media interface offers large album art to make finding and playing music and podcasts quicker and easier. You can also ask for a specific song, podcast, or book. Now when you search using your voice it will not automatically play its result but will give you other options for what it has found under those search parameters - categorised as well. And Google says that it's working to bring new updates to more music and media apps. The new messaging features are available in Messages, Hangouts and Whatsapp with the promise of more messaging apps to be added in the "coming months".

Android Auto is getting new features, while Google partner Volvo unveils its new Android infotainment system.

Google also says that improvements are on the way to Android Auto's voice search. Previously Android Auto only could display SMS messages. The updates will roll out in the next few days.

Unforunately, we were unable to see in on our end from either iOS or Android despite having Google Music / YouTube Premium subscription.

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